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Enlighted Advanced Sensors are connected to each light fixture in the building and collect occupancy, ambient light, temperature and energy consumption data.

How it Works

The Enlighted Gateway aggregates data from individual Smart Sensors and sends it to the Energy Manager for analysis.

The Energy Manager provides a secure interface to adjust settings, monitor and analyze energy savings and other data collected by the sensor network.

Enlighted translates data from the sensor network into detailed energy, temperature, and occupancy insights around the clock.

Smart Building Solutions

The Enlighted platform reduces lighting costs by up to 70% without compromising comfort. Whether implementing the system in one building or a portfolio, in a new construction or retrofit, Enlighted will help you realize energy savings immediately and reach sustainability goals in the long term.

Better Sensors, Better Performance

Enlighted produces the most advanced digital sensors on the market and unique lighting controls. Lighting profiles can be configured for areas like private offices, open offices, conference rooms, bathrooms and hallways or completely customized as needed. Once configured, sensors operate independently of one another to manage the lighting within its designated space. Physically connected to each light fixture in the building, the sensors form a dense data network collecting detailed information on occupancy, ambient light, temperature, and energy consumption.



Take Control of Your Space

Enlighted Room Control is a lighting remote control or wall-mounted device that lets people change illumination levels and configurations with the touch of a button. Building occupants and managers can dynamically adjust lighting levels to save energy, increase comfort or tailor illumination for specific tasks. Choose from pre-programmed settings through the browser-based software interface or customize settings with a few clicks of a mouse. A single Room Control device can manage up to 100 Enlighted-enabled light fixtures. No remodeling and electrical work is required for installation.

The New Data Superhighway

The Enlighted Gateway provides the communication channel between Enlighted Advanced Sensors and the Enlighted Energy Manager. It aggregates energy, environmental and occupancy data from deployed wireless Enlighted Advanced Sensors and sends data over ethernet to the Energy Manager for analysis. The Gateway reduces sensor installation costs while aggregating information for processing by the Enlighted Energy Manager.

Endless Insights Within Reach

With the Enlighted system, lighting is only the beginning. The Energy Manager provides the data analysis for all data harvested by the Enlighted Advanced Sensors. In addition to being the collection point for the energy, occupancy and environmental data captured by the sensors, the Energy Managers provides a web-based user interface for lighting system management and optimizing building system performance. The Energy Manager is protected by industry-leading security with encryption. It also facilitates integration with third-party building automation and demand response systems.

As part of the Enlighted IoT platform, Space allows companies to gather space utilization insights via its unmatched smart sensor technology — offering real-time analysis of what happens inside buildings. Through light, individual heat and motion detection, customers can now access these smart insights with ease to drive efficiencies and cost saving initiatives in their organizations.


The Enlighted Asset Tracking application will track all critical devices, personel and reduce redundant purchases and wasted staff hours. Track all equipment using Bluetooth enabled sensors, tracking both location and unique BLE IDs.


The Enlighted Aire web application provides building managers the power to control heating, ventilation and air conditioning in commercial spaces. Aire allows companies to gather building insights via its unmatched smart sensor technology — offering real-time analysis of what happens inside of any commercial space. Aire gives companies total control over a building — at every minute of the day.


Human Centric Lighting scott group.jpg

Human Centric Lighting (HCL) improves overall well-being and productivity of building occupants by providing the right light, at the right time, for the right task. HCL adjusts intensity and color temperature to support circadian rhythm, enhance concentration, or to simply help relax


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