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A&L Goodbody, Dublin

A&L Goodbody Car Park Lighting


This large Company car park area was consuming over €11,066.07 per year in lighting energy costs. Scott Group solution was predominately LED fittings controlled by microwave dimming occupancy sensors, and the higher light output ratio delivered by the chosen fittings, allowed the number of lights to be reduced in some areas, whilst still improving light levels.


The total energy savings on this project were 82%


Payback on investment in fully installed solution


ROI:    1.75 year


We can have further savings by reducing the on/off time of the light fitting.




The measures resulted in the targets being met.


The following were achieved:


    Improvement in the illumination of the car park

    Increase in luminance by up to 50%

    Improvement in safety in the event of a fire

    Improvement in security cameras visibility   


Annual energy savings total 82%

Security Camera Before...

Security Camera After...

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