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Control Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

The Enlighted Aire application is the best in the industry to save you energy by providing demand-driven heating or cooling(Hvac). Using the data collected by Enlighted’s advanced distributed sensor network and occupancy application, Aire enables facility managers and building managers to direct cooling or heating in real time to the space where occupants are working.

Be in Control Every Minute of the Day

  • Optimize heating, air conditioning and air flow

  • Powerful but easy to use with intuitive controls

  • Real-time analysis of what is happening

  • Customization time schedules by zones

  • Rich reporting and monitoring via BMS

  • Dynamic views of energy savings

  • Reduce HVAC energy use and costs

  • Enterprise scalability



The system provides a default schedule for each space that can be customized based on occupancy






View sensor configurations for different zones and create new zones with specific HVAC profile

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