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A low-voltage POE LED lighting control solution that reduces costs and enhances building intelligence.

Our intelligent lighting network solution delivers all the benefits of low-cost, high-efficiency POE LED lighting controls combined with a sensor network that reports motion, temperature and illumination. That sensor data can inform better facilities policies – and because its API interfaces with intelligent building systems, it can help put those policies into action.


  • Integrated sensor network reports occupancy, power use and temperatures across one building or an entire network for enhanced energy efficiency and building security

  • Low-voltage DC infrastructure is easier to install, configure and maintain than traditional AC power infrastructure.

  • A streamlined Web-based management console allows global control, on-site or off-site

  • LEDs run cooler,  longer and more flexibly than fluorescent fixtures, reducing energy and maintenance costs.

Reasons for Smart Buildings | Smart Lighting | POE Lighting.....

Saves Energy....


Main energy uses lighting, heating and cooling


  • Smartengine can reduce your energy costs by up to 80%

  • Smartengine can reduce your operating costs by up to 90%

  • Use energy only where and when it is really needed

  • Reduce operating costs through integration with Building Management system

  • Needs-based lighting delivered due to high-density sensor network

PoE Lighting Controls Scott Group wireless lighting
PoE Lighting Controls

Sensor Network....


Sensor data in real time for evaluation and analysis


  • Every sensor is linked to a fixture by a Smartengine engine

  • Continual monitoring of actual energy requirement

  • Detection of motion patterns, daylight, room temperature

  • Precise energy-saving strategies enabled by close-knit sensor network

IT Infrastructure....


Easy, Efficient, Long Lasting


  • Procurement advantages with structured IT cabling

  • Single network for all IP-based devices

  • Shorter construction time due to a narrow range of components

  • Location-independent maintenance of all IP-based components

  • Few components cover and supplement many BMS needs

  • Increased safety due to use of low voltage system throughout


Smart, Flexible, Safe


  • Modest planning and installation effort

  • Power + data over network cables

  • Intelligent high density sensor grid

  • Compatible with huge range of LED fixtures

  • Reliability through redundancy


CPD Training POE Lighting


CPD Training POE Lighting Software



Fixtures & sensors – only one network


  • Location-independent regulation of all functions using web interface

  • Define requirements for areas and lights via drag & drop

  • Control via smart devices using the App

  • HVAC interface (BACnet)

  • Allows hot-swapping of lights

  • Complete dimming controls


Smart Engine Heat Map


  • Localize Hot Spots

  • Optimize space utilization

  • Precise energy saving strategies

  • Booking Room System



Smart Engine Investment


  • Much lower running costs than traditional LED control system

  • Investment parity is reached quickly, thereafter superior energy savings are achieved

  • Also: Green Building – up to 29 LEED points

  • SEAI approved in Ireland

  • Average savings of 75%



PoE Lighting Controls

Our Clients....

More companies want to monitor their energy consumption and see real time energy usage and consumption that’s why Smart Engine is the perfect solution.

Our clients include data centres, banks and business enterprises which have chosen to be a pioneer of the innovative and sustainable technology of smart engine.

The achieved energy savings are remarkable and exemplary.


Reports can be generated instantly and monitored with ease.

The Future of Smart Building Controls ....

  • Rising demand for dynamic lighting management

  • Complete Building Control

  • Increasing demand for sustainable lighting

  • EU targets for energy consumption (ErP Directive 2009/125/EG)

  • Constant development of our own products

  • Open API
    - User-Apps
    - BACnet connectivity

  • Access your building online from anywhere

  • POE LED Lighting

PoE Lighting Controls





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