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Leo Pharma, Dublin

The project at Leo Pharma was a challenge in regards to cost and the light fixtures installed. Installed were a bespoke fixtures and IP65 rated. The fixtures installed varied from bespoke 4x58W, 2x58W, 4x40W and 4x18W. The cost to replace these fixtures exceeded the budget so this was not an option.  Also installed there were IP65 2x58W (Carpark Fittings) and 1x36W fixtures installed and we replaced them with 40W and 18W LED fixtures. After some deliberation with the client we decided that LED tray inserts would be the best option for the client and the budget.

We conversed with our lighting designer and decided to design and install Samsung LED tray inserts. We reduced the wattage dramatically and increased the light output in all areas. Please see table below


After completing this project, the client’s ROI on this project was 1.97 Years. While we reused the as installed fixtures we saved and delivered under the client’s budget.            


Please click to see lighting Report.

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