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Workplace Contact Tracing

The Enlighted IoT platform combines industry-leading sensor technology with applications and data analytics. This enables organizations to make data-driven safer workplace plans, and respond if an individual test positive for COVID-19. The system provides data and visualizations of the density and movement of people, monitoring workplace cleaning and disinfection, real-time-overcapacity alerts for crowded spaces, digital contact tracing, and more.

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Solutions for Safer Workplaces

There are many ways that the Enlighted IoT platform can inform and support strategies to create a safer workplace. These solutions are effective for single buildings and campuses and scale to large global enterprise portfolios

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Density Heat-maps

Physical Distancing

Occupancy Limits

Motion Trails

Identify Bottlenecks Monitor Cleaning

Covid-19 motions trails
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Employee Location and Digital Contact Tracing

Digital Workplace Contact Tracing with the Enlighted SAFE Application

Contact tracing covid 19 safe place

Contact tracing refers to identifying individuals who may have come into contact with someone who has tested positive. Those who have should quarantine, according to health experts’ guidelines and policies in place at the organization. Traditionally, this is an interview process based on recollection of the affected individual.


The challenge for contact tracing indoors is that memories are fallible, and it is particularly difficult to remember precisely where someone has been and who they have been in contact with inside a large facility over potentially multiple workdays.


The Enlighted award-winning Safe Application delivers digital technology to assist the contact tracing process. Built upon Enlighted’s real-time location services capability, employees are provided badge tags they carry while in the workplace. Safe continuously records location, movement, and proximity of the badges relative to each other while in the building. Should an employee test positive, the application is used to assist identifying potentially exposed individuals based on proximity and duration. Safe also provides insight about how much contact is happening within the building to help inform risk-reduction actions. Privacy and anonymity options facilitate employee adoption

This is how it works...

Step 1: The Safe engine records the location of moving badges within a building.


Step 2: The engine then calculates distance between badges and time spent in proximity.


Step 3: Space-based location analytics allow risk admins to visualize which spaces are the busiest, riskiest, and most over-occupied.


Step 4: Powerful search and reporting features empower risk admins to communicate with at-risk individuals, to optimize distancing policies, and design safer spaces.

Safe workplaces covid 19 contact tracing


Lower Risk: Support people density policies with technology by visualizing contact events across a building, or portfolio of buildings.


Better Decisions: Use data analytics to understand problem areas and make more informed policies and space design decisions.


Peace of Mind: Know your risk, visualize it, minimize it, and perform fast contact tracing in case of an exposure event.


Privacy-first Solution: Safe needs no personal information and does not require associating employees to specific badges. Instead, each badge is assigned an alphanumeric ID. At-risk badges may be posted and employees carrying those badges can self-identify. The location capability is limited to inside the building and does not function when the employee is outside the workplace.Safe calculates and records the distance between badges and duration of contact.

Building a Data-Driven Return-to-Work Strategy

The Enlighted IoT platform can assist planners in preparing and executing a safe back-to-work strategy for their building.

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