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A low-voltage LED lighting solution that reduces costs and enhances building intelligence.

Our intelligent lighting network solution delivers all the benefits of low-cost, high-efficiency LED lighting controls combined with a sensor network that reports motion, temperature and illumination. That sensor data can inform better facilities policies – and because its API interfaces with intelligent building systems, it can help put those policies into action.


  • Integrated sensor network reports occupancy, power use and temperatures across one building or an entire network for enhanced energy efficiency and building security

  • Low-voltage DC infrastructure is easier to install, configure and maintain than traditional AC power infrastructure.

  • A streamlined Web-based management console allows global control, on-site or off-site

  • LEDs run cooler,  longer and more flexibly than fluorescent fixtures, reducing energy and maintenance costs.




The Smart Building-Performance Lighting Platform




The Smart Building-Performance Lighting Platform features the following hardware and software components:


  • The Smart Engine provides centralized power, communications and control for up to 64 light fixtures. Multiple engines can be clustered together and connected to the corporate network for simplified management and control.


  • The Smart Director is an appliance that provides a single, convenient interface for commissioning, managing, controlling and reporting on a large number of Smart Engines.


  • The Smart Manager is a Web-based interface that is used to commission, control and report on lighting power usage, occupancy data and environmental temperatures.


  • The Smart Open Application Framework enables customers and partners to integrate complementary systems and applications using an Application Programming Interface (API) and BACnet/IP protocols.


  • The Smart Gateways & Sensors work in unison to turn on, turn off and dim third-party fixtures, while monitoring light, temperature and motion. The data is transmitted back to the Smart Engine via low-voltage cable.


  • The Smart Wall Switches are intelligent, multi-scene or dimming switches that fits into any standard wall box and include embedded sensing capabilities.

Smart Lighting Controls -v- Old Traditional Lighting

  • Costly

  • Complex

  • Overlay architecture (separate power, control, & monitoring systems)

  • Inflexible

  • Limited intelligence

  • Fire Hazard

  • Redwood Engines convert AC to DC, then power and controls LED fixtures over one low-voltage cable


  • Low voltage cable = more cost effective, flexible install


  • Two-way communications to each fixture for HVAC control, Daylight harvesting. Security. Meeting room booking systems and much more

Smart Software

Smart Software - You can see sensor network throughout the floor where we can monitor Space Utilization, Temperature, Room Occupancy

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